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Originally Posted by sierratrvl View Post
Yea two of my buddies that interviewed with us on 4/12 got the Phase 2 complete e-mail on Wednesday and the call for the June 8th class yesterday.
WOW. Talk about timing! I'm glad to hear pool wait time is decreasing, good times indeed.

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Originally Posted by tall guy View Post
Question...How does JetBlue feel about hiring 1500 hour CFI's. I'm currently in the DFW area and would move to Florida in a heartbeat for the right opportunity. I'm not sure if I want to take the flow bait from other companies yet. I'm just confused on what to do.
I just flew with a CA that does interviews. He told me we just hired a guy at 1501 FWIW. Meanwhile I've been trying to get a 10,000 hour former Marine - well, I guess you're never a former Marine - an interview. Currently operates a 604, went to Vets in Blue...nada. So who knows.
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Originally Posted by Combatcraig View Post
Any Poolies from the 4/12 interview group get a class date yet?
Hey man, I was in the 4/12 interview group and I got the email Wednesday, too. I was called at 0745 Thursday morning. He told me that I was the "Owl". I know two others who were called as well. Fortunately, one of them is older than me, so I'm no longer going to have to fulfill that role. The other one, had to defer.

Answering earlier questions: I've got about a dozen former colleagues at JetBlue from the company I'm leaving, they're all great guys and strong, capable pilots (I've flown with all of them). Every one of them wrote me letters of rec and spoke to guys involved with the recruiting and interviewing process. I also made connections when jump seating. Additionally I've spoken to JetBlue pilots and recruiters at several career fairs over the past few years. Networking takes time, energy, and persistence. Adding the favors that I called in, it finally worked out. In regards to the qualifications question an earlier poster asked, I'm a newly minted 737 captain (charter) with 5200 tt, the gentleman that I made friends with at the interview (the owl) is a National Guard guy (not sure of his hours) and the young woman that had to defer was a multi-thousand hour captain that was just finishing her quals as a Check Airman at Mesa.

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Thanks for all the advice and its truly appreciated. I've always heard good things about JetBlue and it sounds like a bunch of great guys and gals that work there. I guess I will slug it out at one of these wholly owned companies and build my resume as directed. I just want a place to call home in the industry. Thanks again!
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Anyone who interviewed on May 10th who is currently in phase 2 that did not receive the "BlueNote" email on 17th updating us on the process? I did not receive it and was just curious And to see if anyone is in the same boat.
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Anyone figure out what the V1 after MQ/PQ means on the app status?
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Default Back ground check.

For those waiting on GIS to complete back ground checks, might be a worth a call to check on the status. I saw others from my interview group getting offered class dates so I decided to call GIS. They said they were waiting on my employer to respond. I knew that he had already replied the 1st week I started the back ground checks with GIS and said he had already returned the requested docs weeks ago. She put me on hold for about 15 min and when she returned she apologized for the oversight and that they did indeed have all that was required for JB and would close out the file and pass it along to JB by COB or first thing in the am... Glad I called! Best of luck to everyone waiting!
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Dear god that computer assessment. Good luck to all that interviewed today!
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Originally Posted by Temocil27 View Post
Dear god that computer assessment. Good luck to all that interviewed today!
It certainly had some surprises ....
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Originally Posted by Temocil27 View Post
Dear god that computer assessment. Good luck to all that interviewed today!
Is it just a personality test or is it also logic/math like the Virgin America one?
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