Atlas Air Hiring

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That's what I'm talking about KYTBRD.
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I would be more then happy to work for Atlas. They seem like a good company to work for. I have sent in my resume and PAQ and now I am just waiting for a call.
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Originally Posted by KYTBRD
He didn't say that: "Yes we plan to place more orders," William Flynn told Reuters on the sidelines of an aviation conference.

That's not a statement for growth or replacement. It's just an open ended comment that will produce speculation. Nothing more. Previous folks said they saw a few -8s at PAE. Maybe they've been moved back inside if they are there. None are outside with atlas paint unless we're going into the Lufthansa passenger business.
Okay, to clarify, I was told that Flynn said at the check airman meeting January (can't confirm, since I wasn't there) that we would utilize -8 options to replace -400s are they time out. Perhaps he was being more open than he would be to a reporter, but as with all rumors, I'll believe it when I see the airplane on the ramp in our paint.
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Same was said at the last ANC crew meeting, that the -8 options will be used to replace 400s as they age.
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A friend I recommended received the test email two days ago took the test yesterday and was invited to interview on the 31st today. Good luck for those waiting.
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Originally Posted by rmr1992
No disrespect, but based on the rate at which they are hiring, 4-5 ain't much IMO. 5 per month is 60... For the whole year. If we believe one of the previous posters, the next 2 classes will total 42. We've already been hiring at a pretty good clip (hence the seniority list that has grown to 1044 from just over 1000) and all indications seem to be that it will continue. With the 4 added 767s for DHL, we already have growth, so one has to wonder what's driving the additional hiring? if they want to expand the airline, they need to have the bodies on property, a lesson they may have learned last summer when it was said by a management pilot that the company had to turn away business due to insufficient staffing. IMO, they don't want to repeat that situation, so I think they are plussing up in anticipation of adding business. What that business will be, who knows?
When my class started just over two years ago, the bottom guy was #1042. So, with ALL the hiring over TWO YEARS, we are net plus TWO bodies. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, there is no attrition problem!
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4-5 a month seems to be either an extremely conservative guess or just misleading information. If they wish to blow through that fat stack of resumes they are always bragging about to cover attrition then I guess that is their business. The stack will get thinner and when it does the people still left will be treated better so to keep the planes moving and shareholders happy.
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What class dates are they interviewing for at the end of this month?
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A bunch of my former K4 brethren are headed your way, great guys all, they should fit right in, they know the life.
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Originally Posted by fadec
What class dates are they interviewing for at the end of this month?
The next class is 25 NH on March 30, they will run every three weeks thereafter for quite awhile. Size may vary due to a backlog on IOE.

Interviews in New York March 31 - April 2 will be up to 125 people and the next interview dates are rumored to be the week of April 22 in ANC.
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