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Originally Posted by Whaledriver View Post
You're not listening. In a couple years, long before we get the new contract, seat locks won't matter, natural flow thru will take more than three years. It will take more than three years to be senior enough to move from the junior 767/757 to the 747. Why spend leverage on something that will fix itself?
This is all conjecture. With 15 767s and 40+ 747s, I guarantee that 747 new-hire vacancies will exist going forward, even with all of us flowing to the 747. This is going to continue to be a problem for the new-hires, and if we say we want an industry-standard CBA, the 3 year seat lock must be moved down to 1 (at the very minimum).

Of course, we need an EXCO that will push for the junior guys. I can tell by your posts that you're a topped-out 747 CA. Your seniority works as it should at your position on the list, and your pay is significantly more than $82/hr. So, since you're pushing Target 2016 pretty heavily on APC: Sell it to me. Sell Target 2016 to a bunch of junior guys whose seniority isn't being honored. Why should we vote for a slate whose supporters feel it'd be a waste of time to help the junior pilots?

Keep in mind, my dealings with KM personally have been good, but if this is the type of support his slate is getting, I don't want much to do with it.

Originally Posted by Whaledriver View Post
This is just like want we do. They bring us more planes with the 767 LOA and we want something for it, same thing with the 777 LOA and the AQP LOA. These by themselves are good for us, but we want something more because they want them.
What did the 767 and 777 LOAs do for the average line pilot, exactly?
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What did the 767 and 777 LOAs do for the average line pilot, exactly?

I'll answer that as it was my same question from 6 months ago.....We should all be proud that our 777 LOA got us 2 more 777 Check airman positions Basically for the avg line guy we didn't give up anything to get anything.
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If we continue to do this, in a few short years we'll have a lot of nothing and we won't have given up anything to get it. Winning!
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Originally Posted by AirCorpsDrew View Post
Hello all,
I'm new to the forum, but I am VERY interested in Atlas because we are trying to move to Germany (wife is a Lufthansa flight attendant, and commuting to FRA from DFW is bumming her out…) and this type of schedule would fit us like a glove. My big questions are, is the Stansted base still around or long gone? And, what are the typical quals of guys who are getting hired right now from the civvy world? I'm a left seat Eagle CRJ guy who is looking for a seat in a lifeboat before this ship goes down! Plus, like I said, Atlas would be perfect.

Thanks for any advice and help!
Also.... don't forget the DHL hub in Leipzig that usually has a flight or two going to CVG most nights where you could jumpseat into CVG for the 767 stuff.

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Originally Posted by Globemaster2827 View Post
The Stansted base is gone but the HSV flights still go through it. If you were hired you'd probably be a 767 guy for 3 years, but after that you could probably hold HSV like me. There are lines that start out of HSV with a dead head to LUX and then a Limo to HHN. Then you fly HHN turns. All of that is if your schedule doesn't change.

If you could hold something like that you could probably just drive to HHN and then go from there. Of course all of that would be around 4 years after you're hired because you'd have to get out of the 767, get awarded HSV and finish getting the Type. When you're junior at HSV a dead head to HSV would be as easy as getting to LUX because you could just jumpseat LUX to HSV.
As the 767 becomes the entry plane and folks flow over to the 747 then they would move over to the 747 between 3-4 yr pay since they would have to wait for an opening. Also, they would then move over to the junior 747 base, which is currently ANC today.
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Originally Posted by thesandbox View Post
Also.... don't forget the DHL hub in Leipzig that usually has a flight or two going to CVG most nights where you could jumpseat into CVG for the 767 stuff.
Worth asking a guy who lives abroad, but Gateway doesn't include international destinations. It's on you to get to the states on your own, via DHL jumpseat or OAL jumpseat, either direct to CVG or somewhere else. if for any reason you don't make it to CVG in time (divert, maintenance, weather), including proper rest before operating, that's on you. On probation and you miss a flight, they could fire you. it's not like the pax airlines where if you don't make it, you just don't get paid and they call out a reserve.
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Originally Posted by captainv View Post
Trip pay protection; schedulers who actually followed the CBA...a robust safety culture with quarterly reports that dug deep into what we were doing wrong and why, instead of hearing about every incident through word of mouth; a functional reserve pilot system; new hires who were put into the lowest paying airplane in the most junior base; and chief pilots who you could call when something funny was going on and they would actually fix it.
Yes please.
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I propose we take this to the "Other Atlas Thread", allowing the people looking in the choice to follow or just stay for the NH info.
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I propose we take this nowhere...let the election take its course and stop the bickering..kinda getting tired of it.
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+1... Or take it to our 1224 forum
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