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  1. Vrrad
  2. Prang c-130
  3. CBP Air Interdiction Agent (Pilot)
  4. Age Waivers?
  5. 107th Fighter Squadron UPT Board
  6. AFRES IMA job opening SOCAL
  7. Hornet/Strike Eagle Shootdown Video
  8. If FE hrs count for ATP, can Nav hrs count?
  9. VA cancelling GI Bill Flight Training??
  10. Rotor ATP
  11. WOFT then Reserves or Guard
  12. Walkthrough of becoming ANG pilot
  13. Classified USAF plane crash at Nellis
  14. Viper Down in Tuscon :(
  15. Take the AF's second bonus to get recency?
  16. Military training explanation
  17. Heavy time vs UPT instructor
  18. UAV time count for airline currency?
  19. C-12, Airlines, Both?
  20. Young&dumb ANG pilot select looking for advic
  21. Omega Tanker
  22. 154th Wing HIANG Info
  23. Navy Enlisted to Army Warrant Officer Flying
  24. Active Duty vs ANG
  25. Airline to OCS
  26. Age Limit for ANG?
  27. Advice for potential Navy
  28. Burial at sea (of a different type)
  29. MV22 to CV22
  30. Hurting myself being published?
  31. Current Class 1 to fill out applications?
  32. Single Engine Add-on
  33. Employment Duties on Airline Apps
  34. C-130 down
  35. Tricare Reserve (TRS) vs Regional Healthcare
  36. 3 yrs to go: is it still gonna be HOT?
  37. Military "Training Failures"
  38. Balancing the Reserves and considering region
  39. Separation strategy for passed over O-4
  40. Global Hawk Down
  41. F-16 vs F-18
  42. Former Navy rotor guy jumping on RTP
  43. Military Options vs. The Long Civilian Road
  44. Army to USAF
  45. Air National Guard
  46. What will a year cost me? Separate or stay?
  47. young hs grad here looking for some guidence
  48. 121.436 military
  49. Inactive flier with ATP to the Majors?
  50. Class 1 / DCS episode
  51. Military Flight Hour Conversions
  52. Time Required at the Regionals?
  53. Mil RW to Airlines Path
  54. The Warthog abides
  55. USAR to USCG DCA
  56. Separate from USAF or stay til 20?
  57. General Aviation Time advice
  58. VLPAD and retirement
  59. Overpriced Fuel
  60. Are former military pilots subject to recall
  61. Rusty military pilot considering applying
  62. T-45 Updates?
  63. CAE Dothan?
  64. Conversion Factor for FAA
  65. CRM Instructor Training
  66. Navy pilot to ANG
  67. Where did who go.....?
  68. Mil pilot to corporate job to airline?
  69. Military Retiree Medical Coverage w/ Airlines
  70. Searching for USAF Pilots for Retention Story
  71. Prior USMC officer looking to join Air Guard
  72. USN grounds all T-45s
  73. Career Intermission Program
  74. Q3 and Hired?
  75. Time Building
  76. General Threatens Careers
  77. Transitioning with some baggage.
  78. AF/Airline collaboration??
  79. Military to civ conversion - rotor specific
  80. C-5M questions
  81. U-28A crash Cannon
  82. Question for any former army RW pilots
  83. More RPA jobs than manned
  84. Aircraft carriers
  85. Ways to build time after seasoning?
  86. AFR RPA Pilots
  87. USERRA Attorney in Houston
  88. Vermont Army Guard C-12 Pilot Openings
  89. USMC RW to AFRES/ANG Fixed Wing
  90. Military training for endorsement
  91. Military to Civilian
  92. How do majors view retiring staffers?
  93. Military RW to FW ATP
  94. Aviation Mishap
  95. TR/guard and Airlines
  96. Envoy RW to ATP transition program, anyone?
  97. USAF Chief retention plan
  98. Retire or Bum
  99. Mil comp instrument rating?
  100. Is a Masters Degree worth it?
  101. Age waivers for ANG/AFRES
  102. Considering Becoming a Guard Pilot
  103. Guard/Reserve Hiring Info as UPT candidate
  104. Steps to becoming USAF cargo pilot?
  105. USERRA and Voluntary Return to Active Duty
  106. Hiring @ FlightSafety International
  107. Another WWYD, Stay AD or Leave AD Question
  108. Staff guy to regionals
  109. Aviation Bonus FY17
  110. Looking for some advice/thoughts
  111. Dover AFB C-17 Reserve Hiring Qualified Pilot
  112. TSP and 401k while on mil leave.
  113. Getting Back into the Game
  114. FC1 Expiration Timeframe
  115. Navy rotary to airlines transition
  116. Forfeit UPT Slot for Civilian Route?
  117. Military or Commercial(it is not just that)
  118. Army National Guard Fixed Wing Questions
  119. Another BUFF drops an engine
  120. Army Officer to Army Reserve pilot prospects
  121. Mid-Air Collision in McKinney, TX
  122. Bail at 17 Years Active USMC?
  123. Military Pilot Transitions Career Expo
  124. (NON) Promotion and ROPMA?
  125. Illinois Army National guard
  126. Logbooks?
  127. Army to airlines advice
  128. Boeing Trainer
  129. Questions about ANG pilot civilian jobs
  130. Low time Mil - where to place my bets?
  131. Trump now Tweeting about the F35
  132. ANG medical requirements different?
  133. Medcon
  134. 125 billions in waste
  135. To go ANG or to stay on regional route..
  136. 61.159(a)(5)
  137. Duty Position Logged During PIQ
  138. Rotor Transition Program
  139. Application window open for Fort Wayne A-10s
  140. Data Breach
  141. Envoy Military Helo to Airline "sponsorship"
  142. r-ATP with General Discharge
  143. DARPA Banks on Robot Copilots
  144. Air Reserve Technician or Bum
  145. Part 135 vs regional before the bigs
  146. Career turning point questions
  147. How hard are the reserves being used?
  148. Orders for Delta from Mil Leave
  149. Lost AF flight logs
  150. MEPS, Eye Exam, and Lasik
  151. Thoughts and prayers!
  152. I'm fixing the retention thing...here you go.
  153. Another News Piece about Pilot Shortage
  154. Maintaining seniority number
  155. UAL Veteran Recruiting Event
  156. U-2 down in CA
  157. USAA Car Buying Service
  158. Boeings Proposed T-38 Replacement
  159. USAF asks Boeing to bid for Air Force One
  160. Advice to a Military Helo Pilot looking to go
  161. Pension confusion
  162. U.S. Army Exit Strategy: Need Advice
  163. VA disability
  164. Return to Active Duty
  165. New guy gear
  166. Is it too late for me?
  167. Academy Liaison Officer Advice
  168. Loyalty and the Divert Option
  169. Military Options
  170. USAF facing bigger pilot shortage than though
  171. Production Decision on Boeing's Troubled KC-4
  172. Air Force Reserve Questions
  173. Switching from Guard to Reserve
  174. Another sad one for the Red Devils
  175. Military Time Building
  176. Base Aero Clubs
  177. FY17 pilot bonus program
  178. Blue Angels moving to F/A-18E/Fs
  179. Separating to Regional: Mortgage concerns
  180. Palace Chase/Separation Questions
  181. Regional Pups and the Military
  182. Majors hire non current military pilots?
  183. Seperated military pilot, non current
  184. USAF plan incentives to fix pilot shortage
  185. ATP class for mil guys
  186. Pilot shortage fallacy & separating vs retire
  187. Cable Snaps On E-2C Landing
  188. Thinking of joining...
  189. Retirement gift
  190. Military Violations, can pilots be violated?
  191. Fam 101
  192. One Doolittle Raider left, SSgt Thatcher dead
  193. SFAR 100-2 (Using an expired written)
  194. Military Flight Under Which Part of FAR?
  195. Thunderbird Crash-AFA Graduation
  196. Army Guard Pilot to Airline Pilot
  197. Another WW II Great Fighter Pilot passes away
  198. IRR, IMA, CAPRAP... Anybody do this?
  199. Two Swamp Fox F-16s midair
  200. Lack on flying reserve vacancies
  201. Civilian training for a military pilot
  202. Blue Angel and Thunderbird
  203. Glenn Defense
  204. Advise on transitioning next year
  205. B-52 crash Guam
  206. Mil ID KLN and TSA
  207. ULA
  208. ATP check ride scenario
  209. ANG: How Long from UPT Board to Training?
  210. ANG Slots?
  211. Getting back in the saddle?
  212. 115 FW POC (WI ANG - Madison)
  213. Air Force vision out of range Waiverable PRK?
  214. Is the Air Force really short of pilots?
  215. Air Force vision requirements
  216. College credit for flying experience?
  217. Is it hard to be an AF reservist and RJ PILOT
  218. ***Attention Tanker Pilot*******
  219. 95 Letters
  220. Japan: first stealth fighter
  221. Taxes for USERRA Retro 401K Contributions
  222. Overflights
  223. Buffs Deployed
  224. Pilot in ANG or Reserves
  225. AGR vs Airline career
  226. Military and Veteran Pilot Association
  227. MV-22 Pilot - Mil to Civ - Roadmap advice?
  228. Air Force Missed Approach Climb Gradients
  229. Interview timing
  230. F-35 Deal: Bulk orders and Robots
  231. Restricted ATP Requirements for Military
  232. VA and Drill Pay
  233. OV-10 vs ISIS
  234. USAR Aviation hiring
  235. ANG/AFR units and equipment?
  236. B-21 to replace B-52
  237. Tricare Reserve Select and HSA or FSA
  238. AF asking/forcing me to come back after VSP?
  239. Army get-together @ WIA Nashville
  240. CFI, CFII, and MEI mil equivalency
  241. GI Bill for BAH, etc possible?
  242. Interview Documents
  243. Range 15 is coming
  244. Active Duty vs Reserve
  245. Customs & Border Patrol Hiring
  246. What to put for your availability date?
  247. AFRC and Stop Loss
  248. military reserve AND airline pilot worth it?
  249. WILEY 21 Callsign ???
  250. 2014 VSP Winner's W-2's